365 Homes

365 Homes is a photo project that I started in 2011. Being on tour with different shows, I spend a great part of my time away from home, on the road, on planes, in trains and ... in HOTELS! This photographic project is a reflection on my many homes over the last few years: I enter them, I step through, and the next day a new home is waiting for me. Each image shows the door of my room followed by the window view.

"365 Homes" is far from being completed, I constantly update it, so don't hesitate to visit again !

Constantine, Algeria, Jan 2013

Kigali, Rwanda, Dec 2011

Ouagadougou Burkina Faso, Nov 2011

Bissau, Guinee bissau, Oct 2011

Saint Louis, Senegal, Oct 2011

Lusaka, Zambie, Nov 2011

Lubango, Angola, Nov 2011

Addis Abeba, Ethiopie, Oct 2011

Praia, Cap Vert, Oct 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, Nov 2011

Bujumbura, Burundi, Nov 2011

Accra, Ghana, Oct 2011

Bamako, Mali, Oct 2011

Khartoum, Soudan, Dec 2011

Kampala, Ouganda, Nov 2011

Riberon Preto, Brazil, June 2011

Medellin, Colombia, July 2011

Porto Alegre, Brazil, May 2011

Curitiba, Brazil, June 2011

Sao Louis, Brazil, May 2011

Bogota, Colombia, June 2011

Santos, Brazil, June 2011

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2011

Salvador, Brazil, June 2011

Londrina, Brazil, June 2011

Bruges, Belgium, March 2017

Charleroi, Belgium, April 2016

Leuven, Belgium, March 2017

Bruxelles, Belgium, Oct 2016

Eupen, Belgium, March 2017

Aalst, Belgium, Feb 2017

Renswoude, Holland, Feb 2017

Neerpelt Dommelhof, Belgium, Sept 2015

Roselare, Belgium, Mars 2017

Angouleme, France, March 2016

Beziers, France, April 2013

Cherbourg, France, April 2017

Carcassonne, France, Feb 2014

Nexon, France, Oct 2015

Cognac, France, Dec 2013

Alba, France, July 2012

Saint Etienne, France, Dec 2013

Angouleme, France, July 2015

Trappes, France, Jan 2017

Bosc Benard Commin Elbeuf, France, May 2017

Boulazac, France, March 2015

Peyruis, France, May 2017

Beauvais, France, April 2013

Pontchateau, France, April 2017

Ales, France, July 2014

Bretigny, France, Oct 2013

Cherbourg, France, Feb 2014

Bagnole de l'Orne, France, Oct 2015

Boulogne, France, March 2013

Nort sur Erdre, France, April 2017

Lyon, France, Oct 2013

Gap, France, May 2017

Pontcharra, France, May 2017

Chaumont, France, July 2015

Trith Saint Leger, France, May 2013

Forbach, France, Oct 2017

Vallet, France, April 2017

Wolfsburg, Germany, March 2017

Dusseldorf, Germany, Aug 2014

Baden Baden, Germany, July 2015

Remscheid, Germany, May 2014

Lorrach, Germany, Jan 2016

Hagen, Germany, Juin 2013

Remscheid, Germany, April 2016

Wiesbaden, Germany, May 2013

Bankok, Thailand, June 2014

Tokyo, Japan, May 2016

Tokyo, Japan, May 2017

Canton, China, May 2013

Taipe, Taiwan, Oct 2016

Georgetown, Malaisia, Aug 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sept 2016

London, England, May 2014

Edinburgh, Scotland, Aug 2013

London, England, Aug 2011

Birmingham, England, July 2014

Staffordshire, England, Sept 2014

Edinburgh, Scotland, Aug 2015

Dublin, Ireland, May 2014

London, England, Sept 2014

Riga, Lithuania, Sept 2013

Vilnius, Latvia, Sept 2013

Piamonte, Italy, June 2015

Pittsburgh, USA, Nov 2017

Bethlehem, PA, USA, Oct 2017

Lake Placid, NY, USA, Oct 2017

Lewisburg, PA, USA, Oct 2017

Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Sept 2017

Honolulu, Hawai, USA, Oct 2017

Macao, China, Jan 2019