Travelnote is a collection of impressions of cities where I pass through. I mostly stay no longer than a couple of days in a city and don't get to dive deeper into it. Unfortunately, I rarely get to meet the people who live there - and who the cities are actually all about. But I do get a little taste of the athmosphere, of the people, and of the cities' heartbeat.

In this photographic series, I capture what catches my eye at first when I arrive in a new city. I like those first impressions because in a way, they are ephemeral. They can only be seen with a fresh, spontanious eye and will then get invisible to me once I get used to the new environment. And I think, those first impressions always reveal something about a city's particular flavor.

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Hong Kong, China, Dec 2018

Norwich, England, Mai 2018

Bethlehem PA, USA, Oct 2017

Frutillar, Chile, Sept. 2017

Georgetown, Malaysia, Aug 2016

Bali, Indonesia, Aug 2014

Peking, China, June 2012