Small Ball Magic

New York, Nov 2019

A day off during the Akhenaten run at the Metropolitan Opera in November 2019. On a rainy day in New York city. One of those where you don't want to go outside, stay snuggled up warm at home, watch some series, cradle in a hot bath or do some juggling videos !

Small Ball Magic from Kimiki on Vimeo.Inspired by Zach King. .

A tale from the Font woods

Fontainbleau forest, 2019

In 2016, I discovered climbing and it quickly became one of my favourite pastimes. I discovered the Fontainebleau woods, with its more than 200 climbing sites, and was overwhelmed by its beautiful landscapes. Combining my passions of climbing, juggling and dancing in this video was an opportunity for me to share the forest's unique beauty.

A tale from the font woods 720p from Kimiki on Vimeo.

Das Poster

Hong Kong, Dec 2018

On tour with the show "Sigma" and the Gandini juggling team. How often do you have a moving walkway passing in front of gigantic posters with human sized You's on it ? Too tempting not to make a silly video...

Das Poster from Kimiki on Vimeo.